‘Black Panther’ Spoilers Revealed in Two New Promo Videos

     January 22, 2018


Are you sure you want to be here? It’s spoilery! Okay, you’ve been warned.

One would think that Disney/Marvel understands what they have in Black Panther: It’s a solo superhero film that’s already riding high on the popularity of its title character (and actor Chadwick Boseman) introduced in the studio’s Captain America: Civil War, a movie which Black Panther recently surpassed in terms of ticket pre-sales. It’s a movie with nearly an all-Black cast comprised of international stars and award-winners, with up-and-coming-and-already-here writer-director Ryan Coogler at the helm. And it’s the first Marvel movie of 2018! This is all to say that you do not need to give away plot points to the movie in its marketing, especially when the film’s release is less than a month away!

But that’s what we’ve got today thanks to two new promo videos. One comes from supporting actor Forest Whitaker, who chatted with Variety (who spelled his name wrong…) about his role as Zuri the mentor/advisor/spiritual figure in the upcoming film. The spoiler is less about Zuri and more about a specific setting spoiler in the film. Another comes courtesy of The Ellen Show, which recently welcomed Boseman as a special guest, but also gave away a very cool explainer of Wakanda tech in the process. These giveaways aren’t exactly experience-killers, but man, they would have been cool reveals while actually watching the movie!

If you’re all about Black Panther and want to soak up everything you can ahead of the film’s February 16th release, check out the spoilery videos below:

Yeah, so Whitaker says Black Panther‘s going into outer space. Or, more specifically, he said, “We’re going to see things that take us into outer space, things that take us to the James Bond space…” So we know the casino scene is probably going to feel like a take on 007, but we’re wondering where the outer space part comes in. Does it have something to do with the setup for Avengers: Infinity War, or is a nod to the comics where Wakanda has started colonizing space? Yeah, probably the former.

In a more terrestrial spoiler, here’s the clip from The Ellen Show revealing how a part of T’Challa’s suit tech functions:

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