Hannah New and Luke Arnold Talk BLACK SAILS Season 2 on the South Africa Set

     March 7, 2015


Season 2 of Black Sails only has a few episodes left and the character shifts have been mind-blowing. Eleanor (Hannah New) used her influence with Vane (Zach McGowan) to grab his hostage, and Silver (Luke Arnold) helps Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) cover up Anne’s (Clara Paget) murder of a prostitute. Things are heating up and with just four episodes to go, it’s anyone’s guess how long Vane is going to keep from blowing up.

I was lucky enough to visit the set of Black Sails in Cape Town, South Africa and chat with the cast. This week we’ve got my interview with Hannah New and Luke Arnold on the set of Eleanor’s office. We talked about everything from the fact that New hopes to get to use a sword to Silver’s relationship with Flint to the brutal bootcamp the cast went through.

They also discuss how the idea of freedom is associated with pirates and pirate lore, and how that translates to Nassau as a whole, Silver as a character, the ability to leave class and gender roles behind and what that means for the lesbian relationships on the island.

Stay tuned each week because we have more interviews with the cast on the way, and even more info when Season 3 begins in January 2016.


  • :15 — Arnold goes in depth about the relationship between Silver and Flint and how Billy’s (Tom Hooper) return changes that.
  • 1:46 — New talks about Eleanor’s relationship with Vane and Max and how the power shifts affect where her character is going.
  • 4:06 — Arnold jokes about how his character can’t really be killed off.
  • 4:14 — Arnold and New talk about the backstory they had for themselves and how that’s changed.
  • 8:09 — New discusses why the lesbian relationships aren’t judged in Nassau.
  • 8:45 — Arnold talks about how the show uses the freedom associated with pirates in a political context and Nassau’s freedom of class.
  • 9:55 — Arnold gives us a look at the three-week bootcamp all the pirates had to go through and the stunts he has to do.
  • 10:56 — New adds her experiences in training, how it differed from the guys and how much she wants a sword.
  • 11:46 — New laments the change in relationship between Eleanor and Mr. Scott (Hakeem Kae-Kazim).
  • 13:10 — Arnold gives us his idea about the ultimate goal for Silver.


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