New ‘Black Widow’ Footage Sees Natasha’s White Costume and An A+ Superhero Pose Joke

     August 24, 2019

In addition to dropping a Black Panther 2 release date, the first look at Eternals, and a Kit Harrington bombshell, Marvel also brought some footage of the upcoming standalone Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johannson. Unfortunately, it looks like A) The studio isn’t quite ready to release Black Widow footage on to the internet, and B) Roughly 95% of that footage was the same as the glimpse shown at Comic-Con of a fight scene between Natasha Romanoff and Florence Pugh‘s Yelena Belova. (And then, later, against Taskmaster.) If you want that full description, head here. I can say, with full confidence, that the fight scene does kick an unreasonble amount of ass. Definite Captain America: Winter Soldier vibes, but it’s also hard-hitting in the same vein as the Bourne movies or Mission: Impossible.

As for those bits of new stuff, most of it revolved around David Harbour rocking a gold tooth and Russian accent as Red Guardian. Complete with a small—some might say comically undersized—mask and Soviet shield, Harbour really does look the part of Russia’s answer to Captain America. (“Family, together at last”, he says to Natasha and Yelena over dinner in a rundown building.) For a full breakdown on Red Guardian, check out this reaction from Collider Video’s comics expert Coy Jandreau.

A few new tidbits: A brief shot showcased Natasha leaping into action rocking a white suit, but whether that’s current or a flashback is unclear. The footage wrapped up with Pugh’s Yelena commenting on the classic Black Widow pose. You know the pose. This pose.

“Why are you always doing that thing while you’re fighting? The pose. The fighting pose. You’re a total poser,” she says. It’s extremely charming. Pugh is a treasure.

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