‘Blade Runner 2049’ SDCC Activation Images Reveal Props, Costumes, and Vehicles (Oh My!)

     July 20, 2017


Ahead of the film’s SDCC panel as part of the Warner Bros. Presentation on Saturday, fans got an early, intimate look at Blade Runner 2049 on the streets of San Diego on Wednesday night. Alcon Entertainment and Johnnie Walker put together a massive, intricate, and gorgeous activation in anticipation of the sequel, complete with props, costumes, a full-service bar, and of course a new VR experience.

Collider’s own Steven Weintraub got the chance to preview the VR and experience the activation, and he snapped plenty of pics while he was there. Below, you can peruse a number of images from the Blade Runner 2049 SDCC activation, and I have to admit it’s pretty darn impressive. The props and costumes look great, and the atmosphere they created seems completely immersive.

Denis Villeneuve directs Blade Runner 2049, which stars Ryan Gosling as an LAPD officer tasked with tracking down Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard. A web of conspiracy and intrigue ensues, and one thing’s been perfectly clear from the trailers thus far: this is a gorgeous movie. Villeneuve enlisted cinematographer Roger Deakins to shoot the sci-fi film, and he’s working with Oscar-winning production designer Dennis Gassner (Skyfall) to bring the whole thing to life.

Check out images from the Blade Runner 2049 activation below, and if you’re in San Diego, you can experience the activation and VR for yourself from 10am to 7pm on Thursday and Friday, 9am to 7pm on Saturday, and 10am to 6pm on Sunday. You don’t need a Comic-Con badge to enter.

All images via Steven Weintraub.

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