Images from Syd Mead and Ridley Scott’s Out-of-Print BLADE RUNNER Sketchbook

     December 30, 2011


Blade Runner was released almost 30 years ago, but it seems like new material will always continue to surface, and now director Ridley Scott and production designer Syd Mead’s out-of-print Blade Runner sketchbook has gone online.  It would cost you hundreds of dollars to buy a used version, but some good-hearted human being has decided to take his rare copy, scan the pages, and post them online.  I haven’t watched Blade Runner in years so I don’t really have any favorite images from the sketchbook (although I can certainly continue to appreciate Mead’s brilliant designs).  But for fans of Scott’s classic sci-fi flick, this a must-see.

Hit the jump to read the entire book, which includes artwork for sequences and concepts that were never filmed (like Tyrell’s Cyrpto-Crypt and Zhora’s Orgasma Mask).  Scott plans to revisit the world of Blade Runner for his next movie, and he says “it’s liable to be a sequel.”

Images via The Playlist [via Comics Alliance]


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