‘Blair Witch’ Video Review: We’ve Seen Adam Wingard’s Surprise Sequel

     July 23, 2016

It’s rare that things stay secret in Hollywood, but every once in a while, a genuine surprise is possible. Such is the case with the new film from director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, the team behind the terrific home invasion pic You’re Next and the spooky thriller The Guest. The film was announced a while back as The Woods, and we even got a teaser trailer for it back in May, but there was something they were holding back—The Woods is not the film’s real title. Tonight, after a surprise screening at San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that The Woods is actually Blair Witch, a sequel to the groundbreaking 1999 found footage horror film.

Collider’s own Perri Nemiroff was able to attend the screening of Blair Witch at Comic-Con, and directly after the movie ended she put together a video review, which is embedded above. Wingard and Barrett are two of the most exciting people working within the horror genre today, so to find out that the duo not only put together a Blair Witch film, but were able to keep its true nature under wraps for so long is a minor miracle. The two eschew repeating themselves, so while they’ve already done home invasion and horror-thriller, Blair Witch is their take on the divisive found footage genre.

For more on the film, you can watch the new trailer right here. Blair Witch opens in theaters everywhere on September 16th and stars James Allen McCuneCallie HernandezBrandon ScottValorie CurryCorbin Reid, and Wes Robinson.

Here’s the official synopsis for Blair Witch:

A group of college students venture into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of James’ sister who many believe is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch. At first the group is hopeful, especially when a pair of locals offer to act as guides through the dark and winding woods, but as the endless night wears on, the group is visited by a menacing presence.  Slowly, they begin to realize the legend is all too real and more sinister than they could have imagined.


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