Here’s How You Can Have a Sleepover in the Last Blockbuster on Earth

     August 11, 2020


If quarantine has left you hankering for a good old fashioned sleepover, the last Blockbuster on Earth would like to treat you to a 90’s-themed movie night. The catch is, you have to be in or near Bend, Oregon in September, and there’s only three spots up for grabs.


Image via Marvel Studios

Today, the very last Blockbuster Video location left standing announced that it will be opening its doors to guests via Airbnb for three one-night bookings on September 18th, 19th, and 20th. You and up to three of your friends or family will literally have the run of the entire store for the night, including a massive entertainment center and a fully furnished living room right in the center (presumably where the horror movie section usually sits). The sofa pulls out into a bed with extremely 90s sheets that remind me of every night I stayed up way too late watching Freddy movies on Showtime at my cousin’s house. You can even plunder the fully-stocked snack rack and help yourself to popcorn. Best of all, they’re only charging $4 per night. It is, quite frankly, rad to the max. I genuinely miss going to Blockbuster and I’ve never wished I lived in Oregon more than I do right now.

According to the Airbnb listing, bookings will go live on August 17th at 1pm PST. Considering there are only three nights available, they will likely fill up in a matter of seconds. You’ll probably want to log onto the website a few minutes early and keep clicking refresh to get the best chance at snagging one of them. In addition to opening the store up to Airbnb guests, the operators of the Blockbuster have said that they will be making a donation to the Humane Society of Oregon in exchange for the outpouring of support they’ve received from the community during the coronavirus pandemic. This is just a Very Nice Thing all around, so if you’re able, it’s probably worth trying to book a Blockbuster sleepover.


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