‘Blood Father’ Trailer: Mel Gibson Is Out to Protect His Daughter at Any Cost

     April 4, 2016


It’s a shame that Mel Gibson’s public persona has permanently tarnished his acting career, because the guy is a great actor. It’s just difficult to forget his public transgressions when he’s on screen, and yet if you can leave that behind, you’re going to have a good time watching him in movies like How I Spent My Summer Vacation and The Expendables 3.

His latest film, Blood Father, looks like it will continue this trend judging by the action-packed trailer. Written by Peter Craig (The Town) and directed by French helmer Jean-Francois Richet (Mesrine), Gibson stars as “John Link, an ex-convict who must protect his estranged daughter (Erin Moriarty) from violent drug dealers.” While I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a comeback vehicle of any kind for Gibson, it at least looks like fun and another charismatic turn from the former A-lister.

Check out the Blood Father trailer below via CS. The film also stars William H. Macy, Thomas Mann, Elisabeth Rohm, Diego Luna and Michael Parks, and opens in Australia on August 25th and in other territories later this year.


Image via Wild Bunch

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