LAW ABIDING CITIZEN Producer Lucas Foster Makes a BLOOD OATH with a Secret Agent Vampire

     May 17, 2010


True, the just-announced adaptation of the Christopher Farnsworth novel Blood Oath is another vampire flick amongst a sea of vampire flicks in Hollywood, but stick around: the twist is good.  You see, Blood Oath will tell the story of Nathaniel Cade: Secret Agent Vampire.  After the U.S. Army captures Cade in the 1860s, President Andrew Johnson recruits the bloodsucker to the Secret Service, where he has protected the incumbent president for 150 years.  In the present day, Cade and a new handler attempt to stop the creation of “an army of Frankenstein monster soldiers” when they uncover a “deeper government conspiracy.”

Lucas Foster (Law Abiding Citizen) is producing under his Warp Films banner; you can find his comments on the potentially silly premise after the jump.

blood_oath_book_coverThe Farnsworth novel doesn’t hit the shelves until Tuesday, but Foster has faith in the author.  According to Heat Vision, the producer acquired the rights for both Oath and sequel Black Site, which Farnsworth has yet to finish.  Foster thinks the character is primed for the big screen.

“It always starts with the character for me.  Cade has an amazing history, a great attitude and a great set of powers.  He is a complete movie figure.”

Sure, but great character work can be overshadowed by the fact that said character is a secret agent vampire, right?  Foster is in touch with the absurdity of the material, but he thinks his money is well spent,

“It’s a big idea and it’s an idea that in the wrong hands could have been cheesy.  He did a very good job of making the reader, and me, buy it.  It’s the right tone between thriller and improbable fantasy.”

I’m pretty sure I like a novel with the tagline “the president’s vampire”, but I know I like a story where an army of Frankenstein monster soldiers is a side plot.  I feel like there are all sorts of puns that I’m not clever enough to think of.  Care to help in the comments?

Here’s the synopsis for the novel:

This action-filled debut by scriptwriter Farnsworth reads like a cross between P.N. Elrod’s historical vampire adventures and Thomas Greanias’s conspiracy thrillers. Nathaniel Cade, the president’s vampire, swore to fight on the side of President Andrew Jackson and all his successors. In the present day, Zach Barrows, a rising political star caught canoodling with the president’s daughter, suddenly finds himself training to be Cade’s handler after tough, wise special agent William Griffin retires. As they try to stop Cade’s old nemesis, Dr. Johann Konrad, from creating an army of Frankensteinian monster soldiers, they uncover a deeper government conspiracy.

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