Geoff Johns Shares Live-Action BLUE BEETLE Test Stills, Comments on Mark Strong in GREEN LANTERN

     June 15, 2010


This weekend, comic book/television writer Geoff Johns teased the exciting possibility of a live-action Blue Beetle television series with Jaime Reyes at the center.  He even mentioned that DC Entertainment had even shot a test of “Jaime Reyes’ scarab activating his suit,” but since his choice of delivery method was Twitter, that’s about where the stream of info ended.

Johns followed up today with some comments on the development of the series, and included images from the test footage.  Check out those images alongside Johns’ raves for Mark Strong’s portrayal of Sinestro in Green Lantern after the jump.

Here’s what Johns had to say about the Blue Beetle on the DC Comics blog:

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of Blue Beetle’s introduction way back in INFINITE CRISIS. I’ve said it before, but thanks to the BLUE BEETLE series launched by Keith Giffen and John Rogers with a great design by Cully Hamner, Jaime Reyes rocks. Great character, great story, great look. He’s already appeared in animation, had action figures and right now he’s on my computer in live-action glory. I have an early special effects test that has been floating around of what his armored scarab-suit could look like. This isn’t final. This isn’t greenlit. It’s only a test that was done. We still have a long way to go to see if we can get this off the ground and a lot of people to jump on board…but check out some stills:

Like the man said, check out some stills:








mark_strong_image_01In case you doubted Mark Strong’s ability to be excellent, here it from someone who would know:

I just returned from New Orleans, where GREEN LANTERN is deep in production set for release in June 2011. GREEN LANTERN has an unreal crew and cast. Grant Major – the Production Designer on LORD OF THE RINGS. Martin Campbell – the director of CASINO ROYALE. And Mark Strong from SHERLOCK HOLMES and KICK-ASS as Sinestro. And while I was there, there was a test on Sinestro. How he looks. How he moves. An amazing test.

Unfortunately, that test is top secret.

I can say with confidence, however, if you like Sinestro you’re going to love Mark Strong as Sinestro. Powerful, regal, intimidating. Mark clearly has done his research and embraced every aspect of what makes Sinestro one of the greatest, most complex characters within the vast, epic universe of the Green Lantern Corps. I think you’ll be as psyched as I am when you finally see him.