Geoff Johns Teases a Live-Action Blue Beetle TV Series

     June 13, 2010


Comic book/television writer Geoff Johns dropped some exciting news for Blue Beetle fans on Twitter today.  To wit:

BLUE BEETLE NEWS from DCE!! We have a live-action test of Jaime Reyes’ scarab activating his suit. It. Is. Awesome… we’re hoping to develop a live-action show. Fingers crossed!

The word choice (“hoping to develop”) indicates that it’s still very early in the process, but exciting news nonetheless.  Despite the comic book boom in film, adaptation of heroes to live-action television series has been scarce, save for Smallville and perhaps Human Target.   Johns also promises that Blue Beetle will continue to make several appearances the upcoming season of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.  Hit the jump for a character biography.


Jaime Reyes was a relatively normal high school student from El Paso, Texas. His father ran a garage, his mother was a paramedic, and his little sister was a brat. Jaime hung out with his two best friends Brenda and Paco, the mediator between the hard-working Brenda and the laid-back Paco. By both Brenda and Paco’s accounts, he was a good friend, the kind of person who could let them be themselves, and who could always make things better. Jaime aimed to help his father out at the garage, but Alberto turned him down, not wanting to see his son grow up too fast.

Jaime discovered the Blue Beetle Scarab on the way home from school with Paco and Brenda, half-buried in a disused lot. He took it home, curious as to what it might be. That night, the Scarab came alive, and grafted itself to the base of Jaime’s spine, inducing strange dreams in Jaime.

This symbiosis gives Jaime access to the Scarab’s powers whenever he chooses. The Scarab can, and will, use its powers of its own accord; Jaime, however, can override the Scarab if need be. Should Jaime fall prey to a mind-altering power, the Scarab will take control of the armor.