Blumhouse’s ‘Invisible Man’ and ‘Fantasy Island’ Both Move Up Two Weeks

     August 22, 2019


In notable release date news, it was announced Thursday that a pair of upcoming Blumhouse movies have been moved up two weeks — Universal’s The Invisible Man and Sony’s Fantasy Island.

Jeff Wadlow’s Fantasy Island is moving up from Feb. 28, 2020 to Feb. 14, aka Valentine’s Day, and in turn, Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man is moving up from March 13, 2020 to that Feb. 28 date vacated by Sony.

Elisabeth Moss stars in The Invisible Man alongside Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, the latter of whom will be playing the title character inspired by Universal’s classic monster. While the film had a prime Friday the 13th release date for a genre movie, it would’ve opened against Godzilla vs. Kong, so it’s understandable why Universal would cede the date to that creature feature — they simply can’t afford to take any chances on the heels of The Mummy‘s failure. The two films aren’t related — sorry to say, but the Dark Universe died in the womb — but they will inevitably be conflated in the minds of audiences, which is why Whannell’s movie has to work.


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Jason Blum and Kylie du Fresne are producing The Invisible Man, which is currently in production in Sydney, Australia. Whannell (Upgrade) is executive producing in addition to directing from his own screenplay. Blumhouse is producing the film with Goalpost Pictures Australia and Nervous Tick. The Invisible Man will now open against United Artists’ hidden-camera prank comedy Bad Trip.

As far as Fantasy Island goes, it will now open against Fox’s The King’s Man, Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Universal’s The Photograph, which seems like a dicey play to me, even if none of those films are aimed at genre audiences. Unfairly or not, Sonic has certainly been plagued by bad buzz, so perhaps Sony is betting that audiences will snub the blue critter. Or maybe Sonic or King’s Man are destined to move and Sony knows something we don’t? That’s the beauty of the business, baby!

The great Michael Pena stars in Fantasy Island as the gracious host, Mr. Roarke, and he’s joined by Wadlow’s Truth or Dare star Lucy Hale, as well as Jimmy O. Yang from Silicon Valley and Crazy Rich Asians. Which Blumhouse movie are you looking forward to most? Let me know on Twitter! And don’t get cute and say the Halloween sequel!


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