Bobcat Goldthwait’s New Film GOD BLESS AMERICA to Kill Rich Bratty Teenagers

     March 14, 2011


Bobcat Goldthwait, to those that still think of him as a comedian, has become a real Hollywood director in the past few years. Similar to how the current generation may know Clint Eastwood more for his work behind the camera instead of in front of it, Goldthwait will perhaps be more known for his films about bestiality, auto erotic asphyxiation, and his newest movie topic, teen murder (and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you compare Bobcat Goldthwait to Clint Eastwood).

Goldthwait’s new film will be called God Bless America and is backed by Darko Pictures, the same company that funded Goldthwait’s previous film, World’s Greatest Dad. According to Goldthwait, the film covers what happens when you watch a show similar to MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. The show, to those blessedly unfamiliar with the program, it shows bratty, rich teenagers crying over how little diamonds are encrusted on the BMW their daddy bought them.  The film will follow “a middle aged guy…at home watching a show like My Super Sweet 16.” As you can imagine, a side effect of watching such a show would be the want to murder anyone on it. On the Adam Carolla Show [via CinemaBlend] Goldthwait explains that the man “drives 400 miles and kills that girl.” Eventually, when no one seems to mind that she is missing, the man and a classmate of the girl “get in this stolen Camaro and drive around and kill people.”  Well, I’m in.

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