Watch: ‘Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie’ Gives the Voice Actors a Chance to Shine

     May 18, 2016

bobs-burgers-movieThere’s a movie of Bob’s Burgers, but, sadly, it’s not what you think. H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), John Roberts (Linda), Dan Mintz (Tina), Eugene Mirman (Gene), and Kristen Schaal (Louise) got the Belcher band back together for Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie, a digital short putting a dramatic spin on this troupe of voice actors as they go on the road for another Bob’s Burgers Live tour. As a cherry on top, Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie marks Schaal’s directorial debut.

The troops, including co-creator Loren Bouchard, are rallied as Mintz was appropriately sitting by himself in an empty room when he got the news. Roberts and Schaal, too, were where I’d expect them to be: snorting prop cocaine on the set of a remake of Less Than Zero directed by Brooke Dillman, who voices various characters on the show, including Doris and Trish. Elsewhere, we see Benjamin as a make-up artist, Mirman’s encounter with a mermaid, and Mintz’s “terrible secret.” (Hint: It has to do with — you guessed it — butts.) Also featured are special guests Kevin Kline (Mr. Fischoeder) and David Herman (various characters, including Mr. Frond).

Watch Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie below via EW.

According to EW, the movie has been screened for fans who attended the first stop of the recent Bob’s Burgers Live tour in Los Angeles, but this marks its debut online. Another exciting piece of news is Schaal, who features on ABC’s The Last Man on Earth with Will Forte, makes her directorial debut with Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie. The tour itself featured stand-up from the comedians, as well as a live table read of an episode.

All this hilarity was in anticipation of the show’s 100th episode, which airs Sunday on Fox at 8:30 p.m. EST. Last year, Bouchard told THR of the episode, “Simply put, Bob gets glued to the toilet in the restaurant. We barely get out of the bathroom.”