This New ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Quarantine Mini-sode Proves Anything Is Funny If Repeated Enough

     July 17, 2020


If you, like me, are using your local restaurants’ take-out and delivery options to keep your pandemic-induced quarantine somewhat palatable, I hope you, like me, are tipping the hell out of them. They are keeping us fed and happy during decidedly hungering and unhappy times. And, judging by this new Bob’s Burgers mini episode (slider?) produced during the quarantine, they are in need of anything that can help foster a sense of sanity.

It’s a damn pleasure to hear the whole voice cast — H. Jon BenjaminJohn RobertsDan MintzEugene MirmanKristen Schaal, and Larry Murphy as my absolute favorite Teddy — back together (remotely) to have a little bit of fun. This show has always stood out from the back with its gentle sense of whimsy, and even in this less-than-a-minute sampler, the tone is back in full force.


Image via Fox

The mini-episode, centered on what I’ll call an “unorthodox coping method,” also proves a constant rule of comedy: If you do something enough, no matter what it is, it will become funny. Like Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes before it, this mini-sode’s gag is centered around repetition in a way that’s first pretty funny, then not funny, then really not funny, and then the funniest damn shit you’ll see all day. It’s a bold, courageous comedy move to commit to for such a long time, and I’m grateful we all get to experience it.

Check out the full Bob’s Burgers mini-sode below, and learn a new tactic to bother whoever you’re quarantining with. For more on creator Loren Bouchard‘s extended universe, check out his past, and his future.