‘Bojack Horseman’ Renewed for Another Super Stressful Season at Netflix

     October 30, 2018

bojack-horseman-season-5-sliceBojack Horseman, by far the most emotionally devastating show of all time that also features a talking whale named Tom Jumbo-Grumbo, has officially been renewed at Netflix for a sixth season. Considering Red Dead Redemption just brought in massive numbers, this is quite the joyous day for harrowing, stressful tales about horses.

Since Raphael Bob-Waksberg‘s adult-skewing animated comedy first premiered on the streaming service in 2014, it has grown into of the smartest, most cutting portrayals of depression and fame on TV, while also somehow managing to be just really, really freaking funny. Each episode balances countless background gags—a restaurant named “I Pita the Ful” is a personal favorite—with breathtaking moments of too-real revelations. In his five-star review of the latest season, our own Dave Trumbore named the series—which I must stress stars Paul F. Tompkins as a yellow lab named Mr. Peanutbutter—as “one of TV’s best dramas.”

Bojack stars Will Arnett as the titular talking horse, a washed-up sitcom actor navigating mental illness, self-loathing, and a Hollywood comeback alongside internet blogging friend Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie), feline agent Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris), and asexual deadbeat roommate Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul). After the series’ relatively straightforward first season, Bojack has proved it can get weird with it and experiment with the form and tone that animation provides. The completely dialogue-free underwater episode in season three, “Fish Out of Water”, is a masterpiece, but season five also featured a character-swapping flashback episode (“INT. SUB”) and an episode that consisted solely of a half-hour eulogy (“Free Churro”).

The show’s renewal marks another step on Netflix’s low-key commitment to R-rated animated comedies. Even as the streaming service’s Marvel series like Luke Cage and Iron Fist get Thanos-snapped from existence, shows like the puberty saga Big Mouth premiered to its critically-acclaimed second season and Matt Groening‘s crude fantasy Disenchantment earned a two-season pickup.