Boldly Watch These Two Amusing STAR TREK Videos

     February 26, 2010


It’s Friday, you’re pissed that you’re still at work, and you just don’t care anymore.  We feel ya.  So to bring a little levity to your day, we’ve got two Star Trek parodies that should at least make you grin a little bit before you look back at the clock and return to hating life.

First there’s a video of a 1975 Star Trek convention where the actors came on stage to talk about the TV show and to promote the most garrish 70s outfits ever conceived.  Walter Koenig’s (who played Pavel Chekov) lapels are so wide I thought he was going to hang-glide over the audience at some point.  Then James Doohan’s (who played Scottie) entrance is proceeded by bagpipes (which is what I’d like to imagine would happen every time he entered a room), and because the 8mm camera didn’t record sound, the guy who shot this slice of glory provides insightful narration about getting to touch Doohan at a later date (slang?).

Second, the “How It Should Have Ended” guys took on J.J. Abrams’ reboot and there are some good jokes in there (especially at the end).  Hit the jump to check out both videos.


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