BONES Comic-Con Panel Recap: David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel and Executive Producer Stephen Nathan Talk Season 10, the 200th Episode, and More

     July 25, 2014


Stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel appeared with executive producer Stephen Nathan to tease the 10th season of Bones, opening the panel with a short clip from the upcoming season of Booth getting into a prison fight.  Boreanaz kicked off the panel’s screwball tone by taking selfies of himself with his fellow panelists and with the audience.  Despite the jokey atmosphere, Nathan and the actors did reveal details of the 10th season and the 200th episode.  Hit the jump for more.

bones-david-boreanaz-emily-deschanelHere are some of the highlights of the Bones Comic-Con panel:

  • Four months will have passed since the previous season finale; Booth is in jail and Brennan and her colleagues at the Jeffersonian are trying to prove his innocence and expose the conspiracy. The first episode opens with them exhuming a set of remains that could possibly resolve the case.
  • Boreanaz said that Booth is in a state of emotional confusion that may border on PTSD: he no longer knows where he fits with the FBI, with Brennan, or with his family. Brennan, meanwhile, is alone with their daughter and trying to find them somewhere new to live, but mostly focusing on her work: “When things get scary and hard, that’s what she does,” Deschanel said. (On a more humorous note, all three panelists had suggestions for Booth and Brennan’s new digs: Boreanaz — a mobile home; Nathan — a tent; and Deschanel — a yurt.)
  • Nathan promised that while the characters will discover that the conspiracy has been going on for decades, they’ll put a stop to it within the first few episodes. However, “the reality of a shadow government won’t go away. So the reality of it will still be a part of the fabric of the show.”
  • Other upcoming plots include: an episode where either Booth or Brennan will go undercover again; the killing of “a Rush Limbaugh figure”; a “Wolf of Wall Street” episode; and a murder at a forensics convention. “Thousands of people, all of whom could do a perfect murder,” Nathan said with glee. He also revealed that an episode dealing with psychics is in the works, which could mean the return of Cyndi Lauper’s character — if her schedule allows.
  • bones-season-9-emily-deschanel-david-boreanazDavid Boreanaz will be directing the 200th episode, and the plan is for series creator Hart Hanson to write it with Nathan, who described it as “one of our odd ones — not a typical murder.” However, it will definitely not be a musical: “Hart hates musicals more than anything else in the world,” Nathan said.
  • Other highlights of the panel included Boreanaz and Deschanel singing a self-composed “fan questions” song before each question from the audience (Boreanaz beat boxed), Deschanel and Nathan teasing Boreanaz about his pronunciation of “bullets,” and Boreanaz starting to narrate what sounded like — to the moderator and likely the audience — a piece of erotic Booth/Brennan fanfiction. (Boreanaz: “Maybe we should do one of those scenes in the bedroom where she shaves me with a straight-edge.” Deschanel: “I’m too clumsy, I could cut you!” Boreanaz: “You could cut all the buttons off my shirt.”)
  • After 10 years making the show, what has been the cast and creative team’s takeaway? “Everyone should be very nice to us. We can kill you in so many different ways,” Nathan said. “And dispose of the body,” said Deschanel.
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