Watch a 3-Hour Conversation with Directors Bong, Tarantino, Scorsese, Waititi, & Mendes

     February 10, 2020


The 2020 Oscars may be behind us, but we’re still supporting the hell out of 2019’s achievements in cinema. And what better way to support than to watch a friggin’ 3-hour chat with five of 2019’s greatest filmmakers? All five Feature Film nominees from the 2020 Directors Guild of America Awards met up to chat for three hours, and you can watch it all right here. Who’s included in this meeting of the masters? Bong Joon Ho (Parasite), Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood), Martin Scorsese (The Irishman), Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit), and Sam Mendes (1917).

Moderated by Jeremy Kagan, the directors get into the nitty-gritty of every aspect of their unique films, from pre-production preparations to the final frame of the final cut. For cinephiles, aspiring directors, and fans of seeing the chaotic energies of Tarantino and Waititi butting up against the relative calmness of Mendes (Bong and his translator Sharon Choi representing the exact center of the equilibrium, of course), the entire discussion is absolutely worth your time. And the best part? Scorsese didn’t even show up in person. He Skyped in, chiming in to every single question animatedly, earning spontaneous rounds of applause while not even in the room. Now that’s some mad respect.

Get yourself a glass of water and watch the full, three-hour chat with these incredible directors below. Mendes wound up winning the DGA award — but to see the incredible history made at the Oscars, check out our roundup of the ceremony here. Plus: What movie has Bong watched 100 times?


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