SyFy Turning DC Comics BOOSTER GOLD into TV Series

     November 22, 2011

While fairytales are all the rage on TV right now with Once Upon a Time and Grimm hitting networks, comic books are still alive and kicking. THR has word that SyFy has ordered a pilot script for a one-hour drama series adaptation of the DC Comics franchise Booster Gold. The series will be brought to life by Greg Berlanti, the man who has had plenty of experience with superheroes as of late with ABC’s decent but canned No Ordinary Family and Warner Bros. big screen take on Green Lantern this past summer. Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe) will write the script and executive produce the potential series which will follow a washed-up athlete from the future who travels back to the present in hopes of becoming the greatest super hero of all time. Instead of chasing criminals, however, his main priority is chasing fame and money. But Booster Gold discovers that being a hero takes more than just a megawatt smile, and that the future doesn’t happen without first protecting the present.

The character actually made an appearance in the final season of Smallville earlier this year, so that might be the push the property needed to make it to television on its own. While SyFy used to be a place for laughs at bad science fiction, recent turns with Being Human and Battlestar Galactica have made it a decent home for some quality entertainment every now and then.