‘Borderlands 3’ Season Pass 2 Adds 2 New DLC Packs and a New Game Mode

     October 15, 2020


Borderlands 3, the gonzo loot-driven RPG shooter from Gearbox Software, is getting another major update. The hit sequel just announced Season Pass 2, which will add two new DLC packs as well as a new game mode called Arms Race. The new pass debuts on November 10 across both current gen and next gen systems (both the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch that same week).


Image via Gearbox Software

The first DLC pack, titled Designer’s Cut, launches the same day as Season Pass 2, and promises to shake the game up quite a bit by adding a brand new skill tree to each Vault Hunter. That’s major news for long-term players, because it means there will soon be a whole new set of tools to tinker with for each character and new builds to discover. It’s also arguably enough to lure lapsed players back to the game. I haven’t picked Borderlands 3 up in a while, but the promise of new skills has me excited to put Moze back into the field to hunt for some sweet ass Legendaries. (Is Hex still a viable grenade mode for Moze?) The Designer’s Cut DLC will also introduce Arms Race, which promises to shake things up even more. The second DLC pack, titled Director’s Cut, is due in Spring 2021, which means it’s going to be a few months before we start to get an idea of what it will include.

Gearbox is planning a series of Twitch livestreams for the rest of October to tease out details about the new skill trees, Arms Race mode, and more. They’ll be updating the official Borderlands website after each stream, so if you can’t watch them live, you can still read up on all the cool new details. In addition to the Season Pass 2 news, we know that Gearbox is offering free next-gen upgrades for players who currently own the game, as well as a number of next-gen performance upgrades including four-player splitscreen co-op. (This was a feature available in previous installments, and it is pure chaos.) Since its release last September, Borderlands 3 has maintained an impressive streak of updates and DLC, and it looks like Year 2 will be no different. For more video game news, click here to read how you can win a PS5 from Burger King.

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