First ‘Borg/McEnroe’ Image Reveals Shia LeBeouf as Tennis Legend John McEnroe

     October 5, 2016


You may not be familiar with the hot-headed antics of tennis star John McEnroe in the 70s and 80s, but for awhile his name was synonymous with athletic bad behavior. At least, on the playing field. Now, his story is being told in a new biopic called Borg/McEnroe, chronicling the 14 times the two rivals met on the court, where McEnroe’s outbursts were held in even starker in contrast with the Swedish player Bjorn Borg‘s calm, collected demeanor.

Shia LeBeouf will portray McEnroe in the upcoming film, with Sverrir Gudnason playing Borg. LeBeouf told Variety back in May about his connection to the role, saying

“[McEnroe and I have] everything in common. Passionate. Perfectionist. Narcissistic. I’m a bit of a caricature also […] You look for parallels in your life, and I’m lucky because there is a lot here…I’m eager to meet him before we shoot. I got nothing but love and respect for him […] The script is brilliant. We are all here because of that. I cried the first time I read it. It’s not based on a book or a biography. It’s based on hard work.”

Check out the first released image below:

Though some are skeptical of LeBeouf’s take on the role (the hair and shorts are right, though!) 

Borg/McEnroe is expected to hit theaters in 2017. But the real question is, will it be better than 7 Days in Hell?

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