10 Box Office Bombs That Are Now Considered Classics

     July 27, 2020


One of the sad truths of movies is that the good ones don’t always get the success they deserve, while the bad ones are frequently rewarded with entirely too much. Consequently, some of the best-loved classics were films that did not do well at all when they were first released. That said, there are approximately eleven thousand different versions of this article on the internet, and they all generally feature the same handful of movies. At this point, I feel like pretty much everyone knows that Fight Club, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Blade Runner were huge box office failures. And odds are you’ve heard that Brazil was a flop, and that critics didn’t really care for The Shining. So, I tried to put together a list of less talked-about box office failures that didn’t necessarily redefine cinema, but are no less considered to be extremely watchable classics. I was at least marginally successful in accomplishing this task. Read on, won’t you?

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