‘Joker’ Dominates Box Office Again with $17 Million on Friday

     October 12, 2019


Warner Bros. Joker continues its theatrical hot streak with $17 million earned in its second Friday. The Joaquin Phoenix-led film continues to scoop up financial victories all over the place and breaking October box office records without breaking a sweat. Earlier this week, Joker smashed yet another record by securing the best Monday earnings in October with $9.72 million pocketed.

But Joker‘s continued success at the box office isn’t the only big thing happening this weekend. Three new movies have entered the box office race: Gemini Man, starring Will Smith; a new, animated adaptation of The Addams Family with Oscar Issac and Charlize Theron among the actors lending their voices to the movie; and, last but not least, Jexi, which stars Adam Devine as a man whose Siri-like smartphone assistant Jexi (voiced by Rose Byrne) begins to turn on him.


Image via Paramount

Unfortunately, all three newcomers have noticeably fumbled and bumbled in their first Friday in theaters. On any other weekend, especially ones where Joker wasn’t factored in, it’s likely we’d be considering their debut totals in a different light. However, The Addams Family sits at number two with $9.71 million domestic, just over half of what Joker pulled in on the same day. Gemini Man (comparatively) fared worse, bringing in $7.5 million at U.S. theaters on Friday and nabbing the number three spot. As for Jexi, well, it failed to crack the top five but is instead sitting at number 7 with a “yikes”-inducing $1.14 million earned domestically.

Meanwhile, the animated movie Abominable is likely feeling the pinch with The Addams Family stealing away some of its family-oriented demographic. The flick brought in $1.7 million on Friday and earned the number four spot in the process. Finally, Focus Features’ Downton Abbey scooped up $1.46 million and sits at number five.

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Rank Title Friday Total
1. Joker $17,000,000 $154,728,787
2. The Addams Family (2019) $9,716,000 $9,716,000
3. Gemini Man $7,500,000 $7,500,000
4. Abominable $1,690,000 $43,491,350
5. Downton Abbey $1,460,000 $79,247,590

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