Weekend Box Office: JURASSIC WORLD Continues to Rule; INSIDE OUT Comes Out Strong

     June 21, 2015


While only one movie can be king of the box office every weekend, this one had two movies that each shined in their own way when it came to grosses. Jurassic World, which now holds the title for biggest opening weekend of all-time, came in at #1 again by grossing $102 million, down a less-than-expected 51%. The movie’s global take also continues to impress by reaching $981.3 million, which puts it on pace to take the record for fastest movie to reach $1 billion worldwide. That would take the crown from the previous record holder, Furious 7, which made it in 17 days back in April. It’s pretty safe to say that Universal Pictures is having a tremendous year.


Image via Disney/Pixar

But things were happy over at Disney as well with Pixar’s Inside Out racking up two records. The movie pulled in $91 million this weekend, which makes it the highest grossing original film (not based on pre-existing material) not only in Pixar’s history, but in box office history as well by edging out Avatar, which grossed $77 million on its opening weekend in December 2009. The movie is also Pixar’s second-highest grossing weekend overall trailing behind Toy Story 3, which opened to $110.3 million back in 2010.

On the indie side, Dope opened to $6 million, which may be slightly lower than what Open Road had hoped for given what they paid for it at Sundance ($7 million) and the marketing push. However, the movie might have legs based on strong word of mouth.

Another Sundance hit, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, isn’t doing so great. The movie is doing well on a per-screen basis ($5,172 PSA in 68 theaters), but it’s cumulative total is only $645,000, which isn’t what you want from a movie that made a splash at Sundance. In fact, the movie was beat out by fellow Sundance flick, The Overnight, which earned a better per-screen average ($20,500 per screen in 3 theaters), on its opening weekend of release.

Next week we’ll get Ted 2, which will have to follow the original’s mammoth worldwide take ($549 million) and the dog/military hero pic, Max.  Until then, here’s this weekend’s top ten [Box Office info provided by Box Office Mojo and THR]:

Title Weekend Total
1. Jurassic World
$102,000,000 $398.2
2. Inside Out
$91,000,000 $91
3. Spy $10,500,000 $74.3
4. San Andreas
$8,200,000 $132.2
5. Dope $6,000,000 $6
6. Insidious: Chapter 3
$4,100,000 $45.3
7. Pitch Perfect 2
$3,200,000 $177.4
8. Mad Max: Fury Road
$2,800,000 $143.6
9. Avengers: Age of Ultron
$2,700,000 $449.3
10. Tomorrowland $2,000,000 $87.6


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