‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Defeats ‘Joker’ with $12.5 Million on Friday

     October 19, 2019


It actually happened: Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil has managed to end Joker‘s hot streak at the box office. The sequel to 2014’s Maleficent sees stars Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning returning to their roles as Maleficent and Aurora, respectively, with Michelle Pfeiffer stepping in to play a queen who opposes Maleficent’s relationship with Aurora.


Image via Disney

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil opened in 3,790 domestic theaters this week. In its first two days, the sequel made $12.5 million in the U.S., with that total reflecting Thursday previews where it earned $2.3 million. The Jolie-led flick averaged a solid and admirable $3,298 per theater, too, further indicating this movie is a success right out of the gate. It looks predictions of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil‘s success over Joker at the box office are already coming true, but the Disney sequel still has a long road ahead if it’s going to come anywhere close to those $45 million-in-its-opening-weekend predictions.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil wasn’t the only sequel hitting theaters on Friday. Zombieland: Double Tap debuted approximately 10 years after the first chapter hit theaters in 2009. The flick features Zombieland leads Woody HarrelsonJesse EisenbergEmma Stone, and Abigail Breslin reprising their roles as survivors of a zombie apocalypse who’ve banded together and are trying to start anew. Double Tap also introduces new survivors into the mix, including Zoey Deutch and Rosario Dawson.


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Based on the numbers, audiences had as much of a hankering for zombie-filled action as they did for a Disney villain dominating with style at Friday’s box office. Zombieland: Double Tap earned $10.5 million domestic on Friday, with that number also reflecting the $2.85 million it brought in during Thursday previews. The horror comedy opened in 3,468 theaters here in the U.S., averaging $3,042 per theater — not too shabby!

Coming in third at the Friday box office is Joker, which added another $8.6 million in domestic earnings to its already massive U.S. total. That total is now sitting at $226.6 million as we head into the weekend. the amount of theaters this Warner Bros. hit is now available in has dipped slightly, with 4,090 locations currently showing the movie. It’s per-theater average is also dipping, with Friday’s average sitting at $2,105. This is a notable change from last Friday, where the per-theater average was $3,865. Compared to its Friday opening per-theater of average of $8,997, it’s even more noticeable. It’s unclear if there is anything at work here besides rapidly changing tastes from moviegoers as the promise of something new hits theaters. But, for the first time since it opened, Joker is really going to have to fight to get butts in seats.

Rounding out the Friday box office chart is new The Addams Family animated adaptation. The family-friendly spooky season movie earned $4.1 million domestically, bringing its total up to $45 million as it heads into its second weekend in theaters. In fifth place is Gemini Man, which is still trying and failing to achieve any kind of marker of success. The Will Smith-led action flick added $2.3 million to its domestic earnings, a sizeable drop considering it has only been in theaters a week and last Friday — its first Friday, to be exact — it earned $7.5 million. Ouch.

To say this weekend’s box office is off to an interesting start would be putting it all too mildly. We’re in for an intriguing weekend, folks.

Rank Title Friday Total
1. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil $12,500,000 $12,500,000
2. Zombieland: Double Tap $10,550,000 $10,550,000
3. Joker $8,610,000 $226,634,004
4. The Addams Family (2019) $4,100,000 $44,859,027
5. Gemini Man $2,300,000 $30,316,543

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