December Box Office Predictions: All Eyes on ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

     December 2, 2015


While it’s hard to call any film that opens above $100 million an under performance, the idea that the final installment of the Hunger Games franchise may not finish above $300 million domestically is slightly disappointing. In addition, Spectre is now poised to have a larger than predicted drop from Skyfall, and The Good Dinosaur had the worst opening weekend for a Pixar film since A Bug’s Life in 1998, though it looks like it will hold up well over the coming weeks. While many popular brands and franchises grossed much less than predicted, the surprise success story of November appears to be Creed, which has been met with near universal acclaim and much box office love.

Looking ahead to December, this month looks somewhat typical for this time of year in the sense that it’s overcrowded and filled with a few potential blockbusters, family-targeted films, and awards hopefuls. One thing that separates this particular December is the release of the latest installment of a franchise that dates back nearly four decades and that is being met with an unprecedented amount of hype and anticipation. Look for many records to fall starting December 18th.

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