Box Office Update: INSIDE OUT Defeats JURASSIC WORLD Over July Fourth Holiday

     July 6, 2015


It was incredibly close, but Disney confirmed that Inside Out earned $29.77 million over the three day weekend instead of the $30.1 million that we (and the rest of the world) first reported. The figures for Jurassic World have also been adjusted down from yesterday’s $30.1 million. Universal puts actual earnings for the film at $29.24 million, which means that the dinos have been dethroned. The actual number one movie in America last weekend was Inside Out.

inside-out-posterOur box office coverage includes regular disclaimers that this sort of thing could happen, but it very rarely does. While estimates for the entire weekend are released on Sunday morning (before Sunday audiences have had a chance to weigh in), there have been only a handful of occasions when estimated outcomes have had to be corrected. One came just last month, when estimates put the Jurassic World opening at $204.5 million. Although that doubled Universal’s pre-release projection, it was short of the all-time domestic record of $207.4 million set by Marvel’s The Avengers in 2012. When actual receipts were released the world learned that JW had earned $208.8 million in its first three days: a new domestic record.

Another box office ‘oops’ came in 2013, when the concert film One Direction: This is Us usurped Lee Daniels’ The Butler over the four day (though not the three-day) Labor Day frame. Then there were two confusing weeks back in 2008 when Warner Bros. and then Disney went with what proved to be wildly inflated estimates for Speed Racer and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, respectively.

If you’ve been paying attention over the last three weekends, you know that the estimates for Jurassic World and Inside Out have been incredible close – for both Friday and full-weekend reports. Even so, the film’s chart positions have not been affected by the release of Monday actuals. Until today. Studios have sophisticated algorithms to avoid these kinds of retractions, but they clearly failed this weekend.

Naturally, this means you can forget about Inside Out being the only Pixar film that failed to reach number one – and the part about it securing the record for the highest-grossing movie to never rule the box office. In other updates, we can now report that Jurassic World has risen from seventh to fifth on the list of all-time worldwide grosses with $1.385 billion.

Clearly, there are some issues with reporting box office results a day in advance of when studios receive their final numbers. But for now, this is the system that we all must work within. We’ll get another chance to get it wrong six days from now.

Until then, here’s the corrected top five for the July Fourth weekend:

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Inside Out $29,771,000 $245.89
2.  Jurassic World $29,242,000 $556.54
3.  Terminator Genisys $27,018,000 $42.4
4.  Magic Mike XXL $12,857,000 $27.89
5.  Ted 2 $11,171,000 $58.5


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