Brad Bird’s Historical-Earthquake Film 1906 May Never Escape from Production Hell

     January 26, 2010


Brad Bird is a filmmaker who should just get to do what he wants.  He has three critically acclaimed movies under his belt with The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille and the last two made lots of bank along.  Oh, and he also won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.  Twice.

And yet, his film 1906, which is about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, remains stalled at Warner Bros.  According to Blue Sky Disney:

Bird has turned in at least two drafts and is awaiting a decision. Several Bothans [Matt’s note: I have no idea what”Bothans” are; if I had to guess, I would say it’s an alien race in Star Wars] that I talked to are starting to express doubt that it’ll ever come to pass. Not that it isn’t a great script that would make a great film, but the length and size of the budget make some at Warner very nervous. Think of it as a project of “Titanic” proportions and yes I meant the innuendo.

Yes, but Titanic made lots and lots of money.  I know this is Bird’s first live-action feature, but it’s not his animation that makes him brilliant but his storytelling.  BSD says that ” this film isn’t in pre-production by the end of 2010, it most likely won’t happen.”  Bird should just walk up to the Warner Bros. brass, take out DVD copies of his movies and say, “I made these.  Now let me make my damn movie.”  Checkmate.


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