Watch: Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler Talk Netflix, Tarantino, and ‘Uncut Gems’ in 50-Minute Interview

     November 13, 2019

Awards season has arrived, which means it’s time for one of the most exciting interview series of the year: Variety’s Actors on Actors. The yearly video series finds two actors sitting down and interviewing one another for the better part of an hour, and has resulted in some tremendously insightful and delightful interviews in the past. That’s certainly the case with this 50-minute conversation between Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler.

Indeed, what’s more surprising than the pairing of Pitt and Sandler is the revelation that the two are actually good friends who go way back. Based on their conversation, it appears they connected when both were hitting big in the 90s, and have kept tabs on each other’s careers in the ensuing years.

Pitt is here to discuss Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Ad Astra and Sandler is talking about his stellar role in Uncut Gems, but this is also just a refreshingly wide-ranging conversation that touches on everything from fame to family. They talk about the rigorous process of making their 2019 films, how Quentin Tarantino first pitched Pitt on the idea that his character would be high on acid during the finale of Hollywood, why Sandler doesn’t do more dramatic roles, and how Ad Astra made Sandler think deeply about his own relationship with his father. They also discuss the advent of streaming, with Sandler being one of the first actors to strike a mega-deal with Netflix, and whether they think theatrical exhibition will survive.

If you’re at all interested in the careers or processes of these two gentlemen, this is a terrific watch. So bookmark it for your lunch break and check it out below.

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