Watch Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and a Very Stoned Shia LeBeouf Read the Script for ‘Fast Times’

     September 18, 2020


Incredibly, Dane Cook put together an all-star reading of Cameron Crowe script for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, featuring Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Kimmel, John Legend, Ray Liotta, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and a very stoned Shia LaBeouf who seemingly submitted his line readings from his car (classic hot box activity) while portraying Spicoli. Crowe and director Amy Heckerling even showed up!

Together, all of these megawatt stars raised money for CORE’s COVID-19 relief efforts to protect vulnerable communities along with Reform Alliance. (Penn is CORE’s co-founder.) So it was for a good cause!

While technical difficulties (according to Cook) kept the entire live read from being uploaded, they cobbled together the best bits into a highlight reel running a little less than an hour. And it is a hoot. LaBeouf, in particular, truly commits to the bit (obviously) and it was fun to see Crowe and Heckerling together. If you’re feeling nostalgic, this is a perfect end-of-week treat.

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