Limited Paper Exclusive: Mondo’s BRANDENBURG AND DRAKE Gallery Show Opens Tomorrow, Offers up KILL BILL, BLACK SWAN, and…Barbara Streisand?!

     September 13, 2012

Back in March– when Mondo opened their first-ever Gallery space in Austin, Texas—they made it clear that they wouldn’t be using their new digs to showcase anything typical.  In fact, it was made clear to everyone that Mondo intended to use the site to celebrate some of their lesser-known artists, to showcase artwork based on some of the more obscure licenses in their catalogue, to provide something a little weirder and more personal than the work they produce in conjunction with Hollywood’s studios.

Since that first Gallery show in March, Mondo’s definitely made good on that promise.  And tomorrow, they’re giving us our latest dose of atypical, obscure, lesser-known, and weird.  Tomorrow, Mondo will unveil the Brandenburg and Drake show…and from what we’ve seen thus far, it’s gonna be something special.  Wanna know (and see) more?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

From the moment when the first fliers started popping up in Austin, it’s been clear that the Mondo Gallery’s latest showcase would be…unusual.  The first flier featured what appeared to be a screencap from John Boorman’s classic 1972 thriller, Deliverance, and– at first glance– one might not have noticed what was “wrong” with the photo:  there was the sweaty-looking trio of Burt Reynolds, John Voight, and a recently-sodomized Ned Beatty.  They’re all crowded around the unfriendly redneck who provided said buggery, and the scene looks just as savage and barbaric as it always has…

Except this time, they’re all holding… roses.   Hell, cinema’s most notorious backwoods anal-enthusiast is even clenching one in his teeth.    If anyone looking at the flier couldn’t place Brandenburg’s name moments prior, this was probably the moment where it all clicked:  “Oh,” we imagine this hypothetical Mondo fan saying, “The guy that did the Spongebob Squarepants/20,000 Leagues mashup at the first Mondo Gallery show!”

One and the same!  The second flier—this one featuring a striking Metropolis-themed portrait from Craig Drake—likely had the same effect:  while Drake’s name might not carry the same insta-recognition that, say, Tyler Stout’s does, the Metropolis flier immediately identified Drake as “the artist that did that big-ass Blade Runner original at the first Mondo Gallery show!”


Right again!  See?  I told you these fliers exist for a reason.  Anyway, the point is, yes, it’s true that Robert Brandenburg and Drake—who are, indeed, headlining the Brandenburg and Drake show opening at the Mondo Gallery tomorrow evening—aren’t the most well-known artists in the Mondo stable.   They are, however, certainly two of the company’s most original artists:  no one’s producing artwork like the originals being produced by Drake, just as no one’s screenprints look quite like the ones we’ve seen Robert Brandenburg’s name on.

And even though many self-professed Mondo fans might have no idea who the Gallery’s two latest headliners are, it makes perfect sense that they’d be taking that space over for their very own showcase:  When Mondo established the Gallery back in March, they made it clear that they would be taking every opportunity to showcase the fringe elements of their own brand– their lesser-known artists, for instance, or the obscure movies whose licenses they’d agreed to create posters for—and we shouldn’t be surprised in the least that that’s precisely what they’ve done with the space since that opening.

For a while now, it’s been hard to tell exactly what to expect from this show’s opening.  But all week long, bits and pieces of info (and, yes, photos) have been dribbling out, and at this point we’ve got a much clearer idea of what to expect when we walk into the Mondo Gallery tomorrow night:  new posters based on Blade Runner, Kill Bill, and Black Swan (all by Drake) will be available, while Brandenburg will be selling nothing but original pieces at the show.  We’ve heard that Drake’s Blade Runner poster isn’t a single poster at all, but a three-poster series…and rumors continue to circulate that a screenprinted version of the artist’s Rachel piece will be made available.  Will it?  What else will be on offer?   Just how weird will things get?

Uh…well, we can’t answer most of these questions at the moment…but we do feel like it’s pobably safe to say that things are going to get super-weird, especially with Brandenburg’s OG lineup (I mean, just look at that War of The Worlds above:  gorgeous, bizarre, oddly haunting…I wonder who I’ll need to rob in order to afford it).  Here:  get a load of this new, exclusive image–which shows off another one of the original pieces Brandenburg will have for sale at the show—and we think you’ll see what we mean.  First, here’s the original…


Aaand here’s Brandenburg’s new-and-improved version:


If you had told me last month that Barbara Streisand was going to factor into Mondo’s latest Gallery show in some way, I would’ve slapped your lips right off of your face for being such a dirty, bold-faced liar.  But it appears I would’ve been wrong:  there she is, Babs, in all her glory, a giant, rotting whale carcass stinking up the air around her.  My god, you can almost taste the romance.

Anyway, we’ll be back soon after the opening of Mondo’s Brandenburg and Drake showcase with a ton of exclusive content:  video interviews with both artists, a video walking-tour of the entire exhibition, details on every print and poster released at the show, and blah, blah, blah (you know how we do:  there’s gonna be a ton of pretty pictures, a few awkwardly-shot videos, and we’re gonna be substantially poorer after the show than we were beforehand:  this is what happens at every Mondo Gallery show, people).

Be sure to follow along with me on Twitter tomorrow evening (via @LimitedPaper)–as I’ll be keeping you updated with pics and info during the show—and make sure you check back in with us on Saturday morning to see everything e

lse we’ve just promised above.  As always, if you’re a gallery owner, artist, or just some guy/girl with a hot bit of poster-related gossip you’d like to share, be sure to hit me up directly via email at  Oh, and if you’re planning on being in Austin—and, more specifically, at tomorrow night’s Mondo Gallery show—be sure to introduce yourself:  it’s always cool to meet readers, and I’d love to get some reader-reactions on tape for our post-show writeup.  Everyone else?  To the comments section with you.

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