Respect the Chemistry in Farewell Poster for BREAKING BAD

     September 18, 2013


Breaking Bad had its most explosive, devastating episode last Sunday, and now the question has become how they can possibly top it.  Of course, that’s been a question throughout Breaking Bad as each shocking moment has raised the bar only to be surpassed by the next one.  Even though the series finale will probably be controversial since series finales almost always are, it’s been a hell of a ride.  AMC has released a “farewell poster” thanking everyone who made the show, and they more than deserve it.  I also think it’s thanking the fans, who have not only loved the show, but shared it with others.

Hit the jump to check out the poster.  The penultimate episode of Breaking Bad will air this Sunday, and the series finale will air September 29th at 9/8c.

Via IMP Awards.