BREAKING BAD: THE MOVIE Is Not Out of the Question, Plus Updates on Season Five from Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan

     June 18, 2012


Just as Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul tweeted that tomorrow is his last day of shooting for this season, we’re hearing reports that a Breaking Bad feature film may be in the foreseeable future.  Why? Because as Walter White (Bryan Cranston) says, “We’re done when I say we’re done.”  The fifth and final season of AMC’s epic dramatic series is coming to a conclusion this summer (in two parts, with part one starting July 15th).  But apparently there’s enough story to carry on even after the next 16 episodes.  This raises interesting questions,  such as, “Who will be left alive at the end of this season to carry on into a feature film?” and “Will the series have a satisfying ending for fans regardless of plans to turn the commodity into a movie?”  Hit the jump for more from Cranston and creator, Vince Gilligan.

[There are potential SPOILERS ahead for anyone who hasn’t caught up to last season’s finale.]

In a breaking-bad-movie-bryan-cranstonrecent interview with the LA Times, Cranston admitted that there was a possibility for a continuation of Breaking Bad beyond the series’ planned finale:

“Vince [Gilligan] feels that now we have too much story.  We could actually go beyond those 16 episodes.”

Which leads into the prospect of a feature film and what that means for the future of Cranston’s character:

“It’s not far-fetched.  I wouldn’t mind visiting that possibility. And this is coming from a guy who doesn’t know anything of how the show’s going to end. If it doesn’t end up in a total apocalypse, who knows? Maybe we could revisit Walter White a year down the road and see where his life has gone. If he’s still alive, that is.”

Walter White may have eliminated many of the threats to his growing enterprise over the years, but he’s also managed to alienate himself and burn a lot of bridges along the way.  Gilligan cautions that White’s survival is not a guarantee, saying:

“We can look forward to Walt’s ego growing by leaps and bounds for having killed Gus Fring.  To this point, Walt’s been able to lie to himself and reason that he’s done all these terrible things for his family. But that’s a lie that’s harder and harder to maintain as this upcoming season progresses and the money piles up and he’s faced more and more with the badness that he’s done.”

So it seems that the premise and the very title of the beloved series will come to a climactic conclusion in season five, but how will we feel about Walter White once the dust settles?

“He’s going to be a harder guy to root for, I promise you that,” Gilligan adds. “The experiment of the show has been to take a good guy and have him transform himself into a bad guy. And we’re committed to seeing that through to the very end.”

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