Vince Gilligan Addresses Pizza-Tossing BREAKING BAD “Fans”

     March 11, 2015


As if the unrelenting questions of whether or not we’ve seen the last of Bryan Cranston‘s Walter White weren’t pestering enough, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan must now deal with an especially ludicrous homage to his masterful AMC series. Appearing on the most recent episode of the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, Gilligan took time to address Breaking Bad “fans” who have been slinging pizza pies onto the roof of the now-famous Albuquerque home where Walter White lived. Indeed, it may come as a surprise to many fans that the home has not been converted into the National Museum of Obnoxious Breaking Bad References.

breaking-bad-bryan-cranston-colored-fireAs THR first noted, the Better Call Saul creator spoke out, saying: “Lately, we’re hearing from the owner that folks are wandering on to her property, and are being rude to her when [the owner] comes out and basically says ‘you’re on my property.'” Gilligan went onto say, “there is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof. It is just not funny.” The pizza tossing, of course, comes from “Caballo Sin Nombre,” the episode where Walter goes all Ultimate Frisbee on an unsuspecting pepperoni pizza after a fight with Skyler (Anna Gunn).

He added that everyone involved in the series loves the fans but don’t believe the perpetrators of these acts of vandalism to really be fans of the show, though not before the great Jonathan Banks issued a threat. “I’ll hunt you down,” Banks promises, which any fan of Mike the Cleaner will take as gospel. Even if they do stop, however, it seems inevitable that the roof pizzas will simply be replaced with dozens of half-burnt teddy bears being tossed into the owner’s pool.

You can listen to the podcast episode in question here: