Bid on Props from BREAKING BAD Including Tuco’s Grill, Tio Salamanca’s Bell, Jesse’s Shovel, and Many More

     September 30, 2013


Breaking Bad has come to a close, and now you can buy a piece of it if you have a disturbing amount of disposable income.  ScreenBid has put of dozens of items from the show.  There are iconic props such as Tuco’s glass-encased grill (a curious item considering that Dean Norris has gone on record saying that he took it home, but I guess there was more than one), Tio Salamanca’s bell, and Walt’s copy of Leaves of Grass.  Then they range down to the far more inane and over priced items including “Jesse Pinkman’s Hand Fan”, “Jesse Pinkman’s Shovel”, and a “Beneke Fabricators Coffee Mug”.  ScreenBid swears to the authenticity of these items, but I find the “current bids” to be a little shady.  Apparently, there’s someone out there who’s willing to pay $100 for the hand fan.

Hit the jump to see some of the items.  For more Breaking Bad stuff, click here to read Allison’s recap of the finale, and click here for our favorite moments the series.

Click over to ScreenBid to see the full list of items. Please note that the “Warrant” on all of the pages reads, “Sony Pictures Entertainment guarantees that this is an authentic, screen-used beaker from Breaking Bad,” even though they’re not for beakers.  Again, buyer beware.