First Clip from Season 5 of BREAKING BAD

     July 2, 2012


AMC keeps dropping pieces of Breaking Bad‘s new season like parts of a burned toy bear soaked in pool water (posters, photos, a teaser trailer, a full-length trailer and a fantastic fan recap.  The latest is a short clip that takes place just after the episode’s cold open, with Walt (Bryan Cranston) and his family reacting to the events that ended last season.  It’s been described as the “calm before the storm,” and a reminder that most Breaking Bad seasons start off slowly, giving you plenty of time to order that defibrillator you’ve been meaning to get to ensure your survival watching this show.  Hit the jump for the video. (Spoiler notes: Don’t watch or go any further if you’re not caught up with the show. If you are caught up, the clip does not reveal any spoilers specific to the new season).

Check out the clip below (via EW):

The scene is short and quiet, but dense and (of course) tense.  Skyler (Anna Gunn)  cuts Walt a glance as she enters this house, while Walter Jr (alias: Flynn) (RJ Mitte) asks him excitedly about the news.  “He knows,” Skyler says dryly.  Walt tries to play his role in a subdued manner – not easy for having just blown up two humans via a wheelchair.  What I find most interesting is how you can see Walt’s ego bubbling up as Walter Jr goes on and on about his uncle Hank being “an even bigger hero now than he was before!”   This coupled with the discovery that Hank had taken Walter Jr to Los Pollos Hermanos to “toy” with Gus clearly shakes Walt.
So with Gus out of the picture, where does that leave Heisenberg?  What about Jesse?  How much will Skyler stay involved, and what will it mean for her relationship with Walt? How many years of therapy is Walt Jr going to need when he inevitably figures this all out?

Breaking Bad returns July 15th at 10pm EST on AMC