New Promo Images for BREAKING BAD Season 5

     June 18, 2012


The hype for the upcoming final season (part 1) of Breaking Bad, which airs July 15th on AMC, is already in full swing. Last week we were treated to a fantastic series recap and a second new teaser trailer that showed Walter White completely embracing his dark side and finally taking agency in his own life, directing Saul with menace, “we’re done when I say we’re done.”

Today, a few new promo photos have been released, and each seems to portend something different. Hit the jump for a look.


We’ll start with the darkest of the bunch – EW has an exclusive photo that shows Walter and Skyler facing away from each other, both looking worried. Are you looking worried yet? Here’s what’s weird: “The framing of this image helps unnerve the viewer, because the mirror directly reflects back on ‘you’ — in other words, we should be able to see ourselves/the camera in this photo based on how it’s shot, but instead we just see a blank wall in front of Skyler.”


Up next, Vulture has a pic of Walt and Jesse in full lab gear, relaxing with beers and snacks. Well this is odd. Is this a foreshadowing of the moment before it’s revealed that Walt has systematically destroyed almost all that Jesse holds dear and their alliance is ripped apart forever? Or are they just catching up with some trash TV? “Yo, damn, I totally thought she was going to kick his ass, bitch!” (Food for thought – what would Jesse and Walt sit down and watch together? Besides simmering meth, of course).



Finally, TV Guide has a trio of shots that show Walt and Jesse looking out from behind a wall of meth (?) that for some reason makes me instantly think “Winter is Coming” (or this). Walt has his dorky Heisenberg hat on again (some people just weren’t meant to wear hats), and Jesse is sporting another of his memorable t-shirts.  The overall effect seems to lend itself more to Walt’s uncertainty than anything.

Thoughts on the new pictures? Predictions for the upcoming season?