Saturday Mourning Cartoons Interview with Brendan Bradley, Creator of ‘Baby X’ & ‘Baby S’

     September 7, 2019


Welcome to the Saturday Mourning Cartoons podcast, the weekly show for all things animation, including news, reviews, and interviews, from co-hosts Dave Trumbore and Sean Paul Ellis. On today’s show, Dave speaks with Brendan Bradley, creator of the animated short film, Baby X, a 2016 animated adaptation of the 1978 short story written by Lois Gould. Now, after the success of Baby X, Brendan has a new animated film that just arrived this week titled Baby S, featuring animation by Rodrigo Diaz Ricci (whose other work you can find here) and a voice cast that includes Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Ashley Clements, America Young, Kirsten Vangsness, Hunter Davis and Brendan himself. And though we focused more on the animation, cast, and story content than the sound of the films, both videos were composed by Elon Arbiture along with Erik Scott Smith as the team’s sound engineer.

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Our chat with Brendan follows below, plus an update on the live-action/animation hybrid project, A Tale Told by an Idiot:

Watch Baby X and Baby S below, along with the Kickstarter teaser for A Tale Told by an Idiot:

Share the Xtraordinary story of a child raise without gender. Adapted from the original short story by Lois Gould, published in 1978.



After the unexpected success of my short film, BABY X, I wanted to explore another societal issue inspired by the lens of Lois Gould’s fictional schoolyard of the 1970’s. I met a fellow creator (and animator) and we shared story ideas and script drafts back and forth to bring Baby S to life.