Brendan Fraser Seeks FURRY VENGEANCE

     January 27, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

In spite of the poor box-office performance of last week’s “Inkheart”, casting directors just keep giving Brendan Fraser more chances to bore audiences. His next blindingly-dull trek into the family film genre, according to Variety, will be in the live-action comedy “Furry Vengeance” from Summit Entertainment and Participant Media.

Directed by Roger Kumble (“College Road Trip”), “Furry Vengeance” will see Fraser play a real estate developer whose latest project pushes into the unblemished wilderness of Oregon – ultimately pitting the developer against the angry animal inhabitants in what is sure to be a hilariously unpredictable comedy gem.

It’s almost too easy to ridicule Brendan Fraser at this point. For a second there, back when he was picking projects like “Gods and Monsters”, it looked like he might try to do something interesting with his career. Then he saw the royalty check he got for “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” and realized that playing the foil for cartoon monkeys and fur-covered vigilantes was obviously why God put him on Earth.

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