Bret McKenzie Hints at a FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS Movie; Also Talks THE HOBBIT

     November 23, 2011


Among the many highlights in The Muppets, the songs are amazing.  We can thank Bret McKenzie, one of the premier comedic songwriters working today as one half of Flight of the Conchords, for much of that: he contributed several songs to the soundtrack, including certain Oscar nominee “Life’s a Happy Song.”  McKenzie is on the promotional circuit to discuss his excellent work on the movie, where he talked about two other projects of interest.  McKenzie has a small role as an elf in The Hobbit, and we’ll get to that.  First, though, a Flight of the Conchords movie?  Said McKenzie:

“We’re gonna try and do a movie.  We just need a story.”

Yes, please.  More after the jump.

Reviving low-rated sitcoms for feature films is en vogue right now, with movies for Party Down and Arrested Development promised by their respective cast/crews.  The prospect of an Arrested Development movie and season on Netflix terrifies me, because I don’t know how easily the greatness of the original can be recreated five years later.  Flight of the Conchords is different, though.  I feel like we can drop in on Bret and Jemaine at any point in their lives, and as long as the songs are good, the rest will fall into place.  The movie, if it ever comes, is likely a long way off.  But I will welcome it with no trepidation.

McKenzie briefly talked about his time on the set of The Hobbit, saying, “It looks incredible. I’ve never seen anything so massive.”  McKenzie also sang a line from The Hobbit: The Musical that he workshopped with Hugo Weaving and Ian McKellen.  The musical talk starts at about 0:40 in the clip below:

Here’s the clip where McKenzie talks to THR about his work on The Muppets:

And for good measure, here’s a recent video from the New York Times of McKenzie stumbling through “Life’s a Happy Song” with Kermit the Frog:


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