Brett Ratner To Increase TV Output

     December 20, 2009

brett_ratner__1_.jpgVariety reports that Brett Ratner signed a two year contract with 20th Century Fox TV in an effort to increase his presence on the small screen. Ratner has found previous success on television with Prison Break, whose pilot he directed. Upcoming projects under Ratner’s production shingle Rat TV include Chaos, a satirical drama with a CIA setting, The Devil and Daniel Webster, based on the short story of the same name by Stephen Vincent Benét, and The Dead Beat, a police drama.

Ratner had these choice words to say about his affinity for TV, “Storytelling is what my craft is; I don’t care about the medium. Most TV shows now are better than a lot of features. It’s a great medium to explore and experiment. I can try things that I wouldn’t try on a feature.”

Whatever your feelings on Ratner as a director, know that television is a medium where the writer is king, so his involvement will probably not make or break the creative potential of a show. It’s not uncommon for high profile directors to dabble in television as of late. For instance, Bryan Singer has directed two episodes of House M.D. while producing, Peter Berg developed Friday Night Lights for television, and Ridley Scott produces Numb3rs and The Good Wife for CBS.