Watch Brie Larson Get Back at Zach Galifianakis in Full ‘Between Two Ferns’ Interview

     October 18, 2019


“Your superhero character is called Captain Marvel,” begins Zach Galifianakis in his extended Between Two Ferns: The Movie interview with Brie Larson. “Well they really have stopped trying, haven’t they? I mean, why don’t they just call it Captain Comic Book? Or Captain We Can’t Think Of Anything Else?” Now, we’re not gonna push our glasses up to the bridge of our nose and explain to Galifianakis the history of the name “Captain Marvel” in comic book culture beyond the current MCU films. Frankly, we don’t need to. Larson has such a blunt, brutal, simple comeback that you must watch yourself to believe.

It’s been an utter delight seeing Netflix release extended versions of the celebrity interviews at the center of their feature-length adaptation of Galifianakis’ awkward AF webseries. Between Two Ferns: The Movie moves at a refreshingly fleet pace, flying through its interviews and set pieces with the tightest of editing, thanks to director Scott Aukerman. For a film comedy, that’s perfect. But goshdarnit, sometime you just wanna spend five minutes luxuriating in the full cringeworthy goodness of Galifianakis’ cheese-based jokes to one of 2019’s biggest movie stars!


Image via Netflix

There’s lots of tactics a celebrity can take when agreeing to the human punching bag experience that is Between Two FernsBruce Willis smoked and scowled. Will Ferrell wore a weird hat and shared strawberries with Galifianakis. Conan O’Brien tried to make cheery jokes to no avail. Larson’s move? To be a pitch-perfect, classically comedic voice of reason. She is not, to borrow a quote from Tommy Lee Jones (who would be perfect on an episode of Ferns), sanctioning any of Galifianakis’ buffoonery, doing much of her work with a simple, devastatingly deadpan look. If anyone decides to make a gritty reboot of The Office, we’d like to start the campaign for Larson to play Jim Halpert. #Larson4Jim on Twitter, everybody! No? Just us? Cool!

Check out the full interview between Galifianakis and Larson below. And if you’re into Galifianakis’ extended roasts, check out his full interviews with charming superstars Keanu Reeves and Paul Rudd.


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