‘Bright’ Featurette Breaks Down Human/Orc Relationship and Magic Wands

     October 18, 2017


Netflix has released a new Bright featurette. David Ayer’s upcoming film stars Will Smith as an LAPD cop who has to partner with an orc (Joel Edgerton), the first of his kind to ever join the force. Their contentious relationship is further tested when they come across a magic wand, which is the equivalent of a nuclear weapon in their world.

Looking at Bright, you may think, “This looks like the dumbest thing ever. Why would Netflix pay tens of millions of dollars for this?” and the answer is that Netflix doesn’t function like a traditional studio. It’s better to think of Netflix as a tech company that’s trying to amass content. A blockbuster they own now is a blockbuster they don’t have to license later. Furthermore, it tells subscribers that there’s diverse content that no one else has. None of the other streaming services have ever tried to make a blockbuster picture before, so even if Bright is awful, no one will ever know it was a failure because Netflix doesn’t release data. They could claim that it’s one of their most-watched films of all time and no one could prove or disprove it. And at the end of the day, they have something that shows to other filmmakers, “Look what we’re willing to spend to make your vision happen.” The film’s quality is beside the point.

Check out the Bright featurette below, and come back next Wednesday to see the new trailer. The movie hits Netflix on December 22nd and also stars Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, Edgar Ramirez, Ike Barinholtz, Enrique Murciano, Jay Hernandez, Andrea Navedo, Veronica Ngo, Alex Meraz, Margaret Cho, Brad William Henke, Dawn Oliveri, and Kenneth Choi.

Here’s the official synopsis for Bright:

The streets of Los Angeles will never be the same. This December, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton bring the heat (and some hardcore deadly magic) to fans across the world in the Netflix film, Bright. Directed by David Ayer, known for the box-office hits such as Suicide Squad and Training Day, this action-thriller follows the story of two LAPD police officers played by Smith (Officer Ward) and Edgerton (Officer Jakoby). In Bright, the unlikely duo are working around the clock to keep the mean streets of Los Angeles safe from a sinister underworld filled with gang violence and dark forces at work.

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