Brittany Snow talks about her role in BLACK WATER TRANSIT

     June 21, 2007

At the “Hairspray” junket on Saturday afternoon I got to participate in roundtable interviews with most of the cast and the producers and director. Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting almost all of them, but while I’m going to wait to post the interviews… I got some info from Brittany Snow that I had to get up right now.

Towards the end of the interview I asked her what she had coming up next and she told us that she was going to be in the new Tony Kaye movie.

While many of you don’t know who he is… Tony was someone who butted heads in a big way on his first feature “American History X,” with both the studio and his leading man – Edward Norton. Since then he hasn’t directed a big Hollywood project.

With almost ten years having gone by it seems that he’s finally ready to get back into the directors chair and he’s assembled a star filled cast. While I had heard many rumors as to who might be in it…according to Brittany the film will have Laurence Fishburne, James Franco, Kevin Bacon, Stephen Dorff and Alisya Tyler acting along side her.

While some of you haven’t seen “American History X,” trust me when I say Tony Kaye is someone we want directing again and I cannot wait to see his new movie.

And if you’re a fan of Brittany, she also gives updates on her roles in “Finding Amanda” and “Prom Night.”

Question: Can you talk about what you have coming up next?

Brittany Snow: Right after filming ‘Hairspray’ I did a film called ‘Finding Amanda.’ It’s a black comedy, it’s an independent with Matthew Broderick. And I play a prostitute in Vegas. But it’s funny. So, it’s a little like ‘Election.’ It’s kind of in that way. And Matthew Broderick is my uncle. And then, right after that I did a movie for Sony/Screen Gems called ‘Prom Night’ which is a thriller-type. Sort of in the vein of ‘Fear.’ My teacher becomes obsessed with me and it’s the same title as the original, but it’s a completely different script. And that was way different than the one before. And then, now I have coming up I start next week on a movie in New Orleans called ‘Black Water Transit’ which is a Tony Kaye film which is completely different than anything I have ever done or will ever do. It’s very gritty — I play another prostitute, so maybe I’ll become pigeonholed in that way, I dunno. But, I am a meth addict and a psychofrenic. Don’t use that clip as ‘I’m a meth addict’ by the way, the character is a meth addict. And it’s with Laurence Fishburne, James Franco and Kevin Bacon and Stephen Dorff and Alisya Tyler. I dunno. We start next week, so it’s a definite departure for me.

What about Tony Kaye. Have you done rehearsals with him?

I have. I tried out for it probably six or seven times and now we’ve done rehearsals for two weeks.

What has been your take on him as a director so far?

It’s funny, doing ‘Hairspray’ with New Line and doing a Tony Kaye film, it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m on both sides of the fence here on that whole thing’ which is a little awkward, but the first thing is maybe I am crazy too, because I think he is amazing. I think he is genuinely a very gifted, very brilliant man and he has been nothing but nice. He is definitely what people would call brilliant in different ways. So, it’s interesting for sure, but this is the type of thing I want to do to further my career in a dramatic and challenging way. So, he’s definitely the person to go to when I want challenging.

What is the movie about?

It’s about anti-gun and gun control in New Orleans. It’s set in New Orleans and hurricane Katrina is the backdrop. It’s about prostitution, guns and New Orleans and that whole underground world.

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