Watch Four New BROADCHURCH Season 2 Trailers

     November 17, 2014


ITV’s hit crime series Broadchurch (whose American counterpart, Gracepoint, is currently airing in limited series format on Fox) is set to return in January of 2015.  The show was never supposed to go past a first season, after young Danny Latimer’s killer was revealed.  But the show, which was so beautifully written and filmed, enchanted and engrossed audiences beyond the crime.  Still, there’s a big question about where the series can and will go from here.  It’s a question that its main characters, Detective Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Detective Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman) also ask in the teaser trailers.  Hit the jump for why the end is where it begins.

broadchurch-season-2-olivia-colman-david-tennantThough Fox’s American remake of the series, Gracepoint, has made a pivotal turn in its seventh episode that took it away from Broadchurch (and likely away from its same killer), it has yet to capture the same dark magnetism of the original British production.  While Gracepoint has been an ok stop-gap, the real prize is yet to come: Broadchurch‘s mysterious second season.  Will there be another crime?  Or will it just continue to explore small town life?

In a series of trailers released by ITV, a camera shot glides over the water, towards the Dorset cliffs, and shows Alec and Ellie standing there, gazing out over the water.  They each have their own intro, with Alec saying, “there was a boy, and he was killed.  I caught the killer.  So why am I still here?”  Ellie starts similarly, “there was a boy, and he was killed.”  Then she continues, “what happened then destroyed my family, my job, and my town.  So what do I do now?”

Those haunting words that are perfect in both what they suggest (that both characters have returned, and are staying), and what they don’t (the answers to those exceedingly difficult questions).  The only downside is that there’s no word yet of when BBC America will air the series for American fans (who don’t have other means of viewing, that is).



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