Geraldine Viswanathan & Dacre Montgomery on ‘Broken Hearts Gallery’ & What They Taught Each Other

     September 12, 2020

Geraldine Viswanathan is going to be a huge star. She’s already accomplished quite a bit from Blockers to Bad Education and then some, but after catching her incredibly hilarious and warm performance in The Broken Hearts Gallery, I’m an even bigger believer that she’s going to keep delivering winners for a long time to come.

Viswanathan leads the film as Lucy, a young art gallery assistant living in New York City who has a hard time letting go of past relationships. In fact, she has such a hard time doing so that Lucy’s room is absolutely overflowing with mementos from her exes, much of which her loving but honest roommates call plain old trash. After getting dumped by her latest boyfriend, a chance encounter with Dacre Montgomery’s character, Nick, inspires Lucy to use these relationship souvenirs to help herself and others heal; she creates an art gallery for them.


Image via Sony Pictures

With The Broken Hearts Gallery hitting theaters this weekend, I got the opportunity to chat with Viswanathan and Montgomery about their experiences making the movie, what they wound up learning from each other coming from two very different acting backgrounds, how Montgomery really feels about karaoke and so much more. You can catch it all in the video interview at the top of this article! 

Geraldine Viswanathan & Dacre Montgomery:

  • Viswanathan on how she knows she nailed a comedic beat.
  • How do they know when director Natalie Krinsky is really loving a take?
  • Montgomery on learning how to let his guard down; Viswanathan highlights Montgomery’s detailed prep materials.
  • How does Montgomery really feel about dancing and karaoke?
  • The only time Viswanathan gets self-conscious on set.
  • Who made the biggest impression on Viswanathan when it comes to setting the tone on set as the lead of a movie?
  • What does Montgomery find more challenging, playing a more reserved character or one that calls for him to go bigger?
  • Montgomery discusses suffering from nerves; the only time he’s ever walked on set and thought, “I deserve to be here.”
  • Montgomery and Viswanathan reveal the props and costumes they’ve kept from the sets they’ve worked on.

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