Bruce Greenwood and David Walliams to Attend DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS

     October 11, 2009


With each month comes a new “Dinner for Schmucks” casting decision. In August Zach Galifianakis signed on board; in September, Stephanie Szostak came onboard as the female lead; and now Bruce Greenwood and David Walliams are having a seat. Greenwood will play a billionaire and Walliams a Swiss banker Paul Rudd tries to impress. More on the actors and film after the jump.

Earlier this year, Bruce Greenwood played a pretty memorable role in “Star Trek,” as Capt. Christopher Pike. You know, the man who dared Kirk to do better. He’s a great actor with good comedic timing–he should fit in. And if you’ve ever seen “Little Britain” (or “Little Britain USA”), you know David Walliams is a real talent. I wish that show would drop the laugh track, but I still found it pretty funny. Check this out.

“Dinner with Schmucks” is a remake of the 1998 French film called “The Dinner Game,” written and directed by Francis Veberm. The original film focused on a weekly gathering held by a Paris publisher, where his friends were challenged bring the most worthless guest they can find to dinner. The new version stars Steve Carell, who plays an “extraordinarily stupid man who possesses the ability to ruin the life of anyone who spends more than a few minutes in his company.” Jay Roach, best known for the “Austin Powers” and “Meet the Parents” series, is set to direct.

The cast of “Dinner for Schmucks” is filling in well. Hopefully it will outshine its one sentence description.




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