Bruce Greenwood, Michael Gladis and Matt Letscher Join West Memphis 3 Film DEVIL’S KNOT

     June 21, 2012


A trio of actors have landed some pivotal roles in director Atom Egoyan’s drama Devil’s Knot, which centers on the West Memphis 3 murder case.  For those unaware, three teenagers were convicted of killing three boys in Arkansas in 1993 despite the absence of physical evidence; they were eventually released in 2011 after countless private investigations.  Reese Witherspoon stars as the mother of one of the victims, while Colin Firth plays a private investigator hired to take on the case.  THR reports that Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek) and Michael Gladis (Mad Men) have joined the cast, with Greenwood set as the controversial judge who put the West Memphis 3 away and Gladis poised to play the defense attorney for suspect Jessie Misskelly, Jr.

Additionally, Deadline reports that Matt Letscher (Scandal) will play the defense attorney for suspect Jason Baldwin.  Production on Devil’s Knot begins next month, with Amy Ryan, Dane Dehaan, Mireille Enos and Alessandro Nivola rounding out the cast.

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