Bruce Willis and Justin Long – Exclusive Video Interview

     June 1, 2007

I should start off by saying the headline for this article is kind of an exaggeration. Yes, I do have a video interview with both Bruce Willis and Justin Long, but the majority of what’s posted below is only Justin as Bruce is just in the opening minute of part one. But don’t worry, what’s posted below is great stuff.

Before getting to the interviews here is the back-story. Last night a number of journalists got to see about 20 minutes of “Live Free or Die Hard” so we could all interview Bruce Willis earlier today. As it happens we also got Len Wiseman and Justin Long, the director and co-star of the movie.

After the twenty minute press conference I went up to Justin, who I’d interviewed last summer, and got him to do a video interview with me. As I waited for Justin it ended up being where Bruce was leaving from so I got both of them for a short while. The reason the beginning is a little scattershot is they had just come from the press conference and Bruce was talking about the last thing we all spoke about – how the filming had been a bit chaotic and he sort of talked about that again on camera.

After Bruce left I spoke to Justin for about twenty minutes. While this might be a long time for some people to get interviewed for, thankfully Justin had a lot to say about making the new installment of “Die Hard” and he even talked about all he online controversy regarding the PG-13 rating.

What I’ve done is cut the interview into 4 parts.

Each part is clearly labeled and above each section are the subjects that got covered. While I think the entire interview is worth watching, the way its cut should make it easier for you to get to the subjects you care about.

In the coming days I’ll be posting a transcript of the press conference, but until then enjoy the video. And if you’re wondering about that twenty minutes of footage I saw…. I thought it looked great. Let’s cross our fingers that the final version kicks ass.

Bruce Willis and Justin Long Part 1

  • I ask about working together

  • Justin talks about going around the world to promote the movie

  • What was the expectation going in and what was it like making it?

  • Talks about his character – he’s the sidekick – he’s like Short Round to Indy

  • I ask if he had a lot of his friends who wanted to visit him on set since it was a Die Hard movie

Justin Long Part 2

  • Sound is a bit low for me asking the question… I ask what it was like working with Kevin Smith.

  • He says Kevin wrote a lot of his own dialogue.

  • I ask about working with Timothy Olyphant.

  • I ask what he has coming up next and he talks about Walk Hard and how he plays George Harrison and Jack Black plays Paul McCartney and Paul Rudd plays John Lennon and Jason Schwartzman is Ringo Starr!!!

Justin Long Part 3

  • I ask about other projects coming up. He talks about Walk Hard and how he witnessed Jack Black as Paul McCartney fighting Paul Rudd as John Lennon.

  • Also talks about Sasquatch Dumpling Gang and Strange Wilderness with Jonah Hill.

  • I ask about Superbad. He hasn’t seen it because he wants to see it with an audience. He also talks about Jonah who he used to have as a roommate.

  • I ask about online buzz, specifically does he read it. Justin says he does and name drops AICN and CHUD.

  • He talks about Bruce Willis doing that Q & A on AICN and I ask if the fans changed after that chat.

  • Justin also talks a lot about the PG-13 controversy. He does admit that he was originally disappointed when he found out the film would be a PG-13 instead of an R.

  • He also talks about how Bruce did a lot of alternate takes where he used more cursing and Justin admits he wished he had while they were filming for the DVD.

  • Justin also says that the film looks great and he can’t believe all that they got away with for a PG-13 movie.

Justin Long Part 4

  • I ask if there was anything they had to cut to get the PG-13. He said there are certain ways you can show someone getting shot which are R rated and explains what the deal is.

  • SPOILER – highlight to readHe talks about how he gets shot by Timothy Olyphant and how they made it look in such a way to keep it PG-13.

  • He talks about the action scenes and the way that they are shot people won’t be upset about the rating

  • He goes back to the AICN dialogue and how Bruce was right with what he said.

  • I ask if he’s in the whole film and he said he is. He also said when the action gets started he is more in the back while Bruce is kicking ass.

  • He calls himself the damsel in distress.

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